The Pygmy Hippo Foundation (PHF) aims to act as a bridge between industry and conservation, channeling financial and non-financial support into wilderness preservation and conservation.

Our long-term vision is to work alongside local governments, communities, conservation organisations and the business community to develop and implement an economically and socially viable model for protecting and managing threatened ecosystems. By doing so, we aim to safeguard some of the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots, such as Sapo National Park and the surrounding area, as well as encouraging economic development through employment, tourism development and private enterprise.

Our efforts have focused on:
- Working with Leadership for Conservation in Africa (LCA) to develop a long-term model for the sustainable management of Sapo National Park, alongside key Liberian stakeholders: the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ministry of Agriculture and other national and international conservation NGOs working in Liberia.
- Taking a biologically-based approach by commissioning studies, including an Initial Scoping Study and a Landscape Level Assessment (LLA).
- Raising funds to support the foundation through fundraising events and corporate sponsorship. 

Our short-term mission is to support achievable conservation and education projects in and around Sapo National Park by:
- Partnering with not-for-profit organisations working in Liberia on specific conservation and education projects.
- Raising funds for these projects through fundraising events and corporate sponsorship. Alongside this strategy, PHF continues to raise awareness of the endangered pygmy hippo and its threatened habitat through social media and communications, as well as lobbying industry to play a greater role in conservation.

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